In my previous blog I led you through the journey I took when I discovered the ultimate weight loss cure, known as hCG. But after my trial I decided the hCG protocol shouldn’t be that hard. So I went on a mission to know everything I could about this hormone, how to use it, and how to tweak the original studies to make the program more varied and easier.

I spent the next 3 years studying hCG, mainly in the US as there was no hCG knowledge base in Australia other than the Compound Pharmacy and the doctor that prescribed it. There was no one I could go to, no one to ask for help. I was on my own, exploring this uncharted weight loss opportunity.

On my return I started running hCG trials, first on myself and then anyone in the family or any friends – men or women – who carried weight and wanted to get it off – 5, 10, even 20 kilos. We were the first guinea pigs to try my new magic weight loss solution. I not only learned so much during these trails, as I stretched and pulled Dr Simeon’s original protocol into the modern era, but I was getting phenomenal results for everyone on my version of the program.

It was time to take this to the public, to others who wanted real, long lasting results. No longer were the only options a continued cycle of crash diets, or lap band surgery, or living with the depression of ever increasing pounds or inches. Finally I had found the natural solution that I’d been seeking. I needed to put the original protocol from Dr Simeons along with everything I’d learned so far into an easily digestible (pun intended) program for others to follow. There was a lot to do and I needed help.

I established a network of doctors and hCG experts in the US and Europe that I could bounce ideas off and ask questions. I wrote my own hCG Diet Program manual, and had my Melbourne doctor proof read it to make sure what I written, from a medical perspective, was correct.

Through the trials I conducted I also realised the only way to really help people get great results was to tailor the program to people’s individual lifestyles, and to stay in contact with them every day, monitoring their progress and helping them to climb any hurdles. So I studied life coaching and neuro linguistic programming (NLP), which was especially useful when helping clients with food (or other) addictions, or other emotional issues that could cause weight gain.

I also learned a lot more about diseases associated with excess weight – diabetes, heart disease (high cholesterol and high blood pressure), strokes, gallbladder and kidney issues, asthma and breathing problems and arthritis – and how losing weight would alleviate the symptoms, and even in some cases cure them completely.

I was fascinated by the food aspect of Dr Simeon’s protocol and why he prohibited certain types of food on the program. So I studied food and nutrition, and its effects on the human body. I learned (and tested) what other foods I could add to my unique program to maintain the original intent of Dr Simeon’s 1950s protocol whilst allowing additional variety for clients.

Finally, in 2012, I was ready to go to market with a complete fully support coaching program for losing weight using hCG. And so Cindy Marr’s hCG Diet Program was born.

Finding clients was difficult at first – who wanted to risk taking a pregnancy hormone, especially men, to lose weight? But I had the evidence-based results of my trials to back my program up. And when my new clients started getting amazing results they told their friends. And slowly news of my hCG program spread like an underground movement.

And the rest, they say, is history … or is it just the beginning?