Do you know why type 2 diabetes is often described as a ‘lifestyle disease’?

This is because its onset, in most cases, is cased solely by the way a person chooses to live. Eat too much of the wrong foods, do minimal physical activity and soon those trousers you used to wear only a few short years back have no chance of fitting – ever.

But what if you could ensure prevention of this disease quickly and almost effortlessly?

We’re all busy – I get it. And sometimes there’s just not enough time in our day (especially if you work long hours or travel for work) to ensure ‘3 squares’ and a bit of exercise to at least keep the status quo on the bathroom scales.

But the REAL issue here is that type 2 diabetes is a ‘silent killer’ – and to think of it as any less is downright dangerous. Even if some of its symptoms are present people tend to attribute them to being busy or ‘getting older’. So by the time people finally get to see their doctor they are clinically obese and in drastic need of help. Yet around 50% of all cases remain undiagnosed, often for years. You might even have diabetes right now, and not know it.

But the good news is most cases of type 2 diabetes are completely reversible.

Let me prove this by sharing one of my client’s stories, her name is ‘Brenda’.

“After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I was referred to the Diabetic’s Clinic at my local hospital where I was given a diet to follow, along with glucose monitoring equipment and Diabex tablets to control my blood sugar.

I had been placed on Rusozet for blood pressure problems and I had pretty bad knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis too. All of my symptoms were exacerbated by the additional 19 kilograms I’d packed on over a 3-year period. I was struggling with conventional diets – they just weren’t working!

A mutual friend referred me to Cindy Marr with the promise I could get 5 to 7 kilograms off really quickly and painlessly. Wow! Just 7 kilos would make a huge difference to my body pain and blood pressure, and perhaps even my glucose levels would normalise. I was excited at the prospect but sceptical it could be that easy.

But in the space of 4 weeks on Cindy’s Program my glucose levels dropped from 11.3 to 4.8 bringing me within the normal levels! And by the end of the Program I’d lost a massive 16kgs and my blood pressure reduced from 148/67 to 128/69.

And the Program? With a comprehensive manual it really was easy to follow and incorporate into my lifestyle. And the recipe book was extremely useful – in fact, some of the recipes are so tasty I am still using them today!

The most terrifying part was having to report in to Cindy every morning with my latest weight. But it certainly kept me completely on track because I knew if my weight increased for any reason Cindy would hold me accountable.

Apart from the results, the best part of the Program was that Cindy was there for advice and support whenever I need it. She helped me through rough times and customised the Program to my individual needs – that’s what I attribute to my fantastic results!

Now I’m back at 69 kilograms it has taken so much pressure off my joints that I’m finding I don’t need to rely on any pain medication. And as a result of Cindy’s Program I’m completely off diabetic medication and, hopefully soon, off the blood pressure medication too!”

Brenda took charge of her burgeoning weight and tackled her “silent killer” head on before it was too late. And her results are nothing short of spectacular.

But you don’t have to be told you have type 2 diabetes before you do something about that waistline … the best defence you have is offence. Shedding the extra 5, 10 or even 20 kilograms is the first crucial step in preventing this disease.

Not sure? To check your risk of diabetes click here.

More help? If your results indicate the need for a change and you’re looking to get some rapid results without purchasing expensive diet supplements (that don’t work anyhow), spending hours at the gym or feeling irritable and hungry then give me a call.