What is hCG?

hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a protein hormone naturally produced in large quantities during early pregnancy designed to mobilise stored fats so the energy can be used as ‘food’ in times of under nourishment for the foetus whilst preserving the mother’s muscle tone. hCG is sometimes prescribed as part of infertility treatment for both men and women by the mainstream medical community and fertility clinics.

Can I buy hCG on the Internet?

hCG available for purchase online is either homeopathic or synthetic, and not the real hormone so you will not achieve results and you dangerously risk putting your body into starvation mode (like a crash diet).

In Australia hCG must be prescribed by an experienced hCG medical doctor and dispensed by a compounding pharmacy. Cindy Marr has developed her own network of experienced General Practitioners and compounding pharmacies that can assess your individual needs and prescribe the hormone.

Why do I need to go to the doctor?

You cannot obtain the real hCG hormone in Australia without a prescription from an hCG-experienced medical doctor (GP). hCG must also be dispensed by a compounding pharmacy. It is not an ‘off the shelf’ product and cannot be purchased ‘over the counter’ or on the internet.

Cindy Marr has developed her own network of experienced General Practitioners and compounding pharmacies that can assess your individual needs and prescribe the hormone.

Does hCG work for men as well?

Research has shown that hCG has no negative effect on sexual function for men – it will not make men grow breasts or interfere with their virility nor does it make women grow a facial hair or deepen their voice. hCG is called the ‘pregnancy hormone’ but it is unrelated to actual sexual function.

In fact the hormone actually works faster for men in that they can lose more weight over the same time than women.

What are the typical results?

Exact weight loss on hCG is subject to individual variation. Factors like age, sex, general level of health, and historical factors will influence your results. However women can typically lose between 300g and 500g per day and men can typically lose between 500g to 1 kilo per day. So over a 40 day program you could achieve a weight loss of up to 14kg and 75cms combined (based on actual client results but individual results may vary).

Is losing weight this fast unhealthy?

Not with the hCG Protocol. Generally such a rapid weight loss would be accompanied by major loss of muscle, however the hCG hormone has evolved over thousands of years purely to mobilise stored fats (for the baby) whilst preserving muscle tone. So you’ll lose your excess fat, not muscle, and feel great.

Does the weight loss protocol get rid of cellulite?

In most cases, yes, you’ll observe a cellulite reduction especially if you strictly adhere to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 protocol. If you follow the dos and don’ts then in many cases cellulite can vanish completely in a one to six-month period of time.

Does hCG target ‘problem areas’ like big thighs?

Yes, hCG targets what is known as ‘abnormal’ fat. There are three main types of fat in the body: structural fat, reserve fat and abnormal fat. The body requires and regulates the first two, but it’s the abnormal fat which accumulates and causes problem areas leading to becoming overweight or obese.

On a normal diet fat reserves and structural fat are lost first in that order. The most difficult fat to lose is the abnormal fat which is why on a diet most people don’t see any great change in their problem areas. But hCG, in conjunction with a very specific VLCD, actually targets abnormal fat deposits without touching your reserve or structural fat – so it targets your problem areas first, reshaping your body as it goes.

Are there other positive effects of hCG?

IBesides the accelerated weight loss and body re-shaping, many participants report:
• better, more deep sleep;
• lower cholesterol and blood pressure while on the hCG and often continuing afterwards due to their weight loss;
• less insulin or other medications required while on the protocol;
• higher energy levels without a nervous or edgy feeling;
• a general feeling of well-being.

Are there any negative side effects of hCG?

While using hCG a few patients have reported:
• A headache for the first few days of the protocol (which can be addressed with aspirin etc.);
• Leg cramping;
• Temporary hair thinning (the same phenomenon that occurs after child birth or any other weight loss method).
• Constipation due to restricted food allowed (which can be addressed in a number of ways – your personal coach will work with you on this if it occurs).

Can I lose too much weight on hCG?

The other benefit of using hCG for fat loss is that by its specific targeting of only abnormal fat reserves, it will not take your body beyond a healthy weight. Its effectiveness and actions in the body cease once you reach the appropriate level.

We see a typical weight loss of 9-13 kilos in 38 VLCD days while following Dr Simeons’ Protocol. This assumes correctly following the low-calorie diet and all the other rules (no oils, sugar etc.), and without cheating or errors.

How do I take hCG?

hCG comes in several forms – drops to be held under the tongue for several minutes, troches (wafers) for dissolving under the longue and injections. Usually hCG is given twice a day at 12 hourly intervals. The drops are the most common and easiest to take.

Why does hCG need to be refrigerated?

hCG is a pharmaceutical grade medication that has a short shelf life of around 40 days and so it must be kept in the right conditions to maintain is efficacy. Your hCG arrive overnight shipped in an ice

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