The HCG Hormone Therapy Program: LOSE up to 3.0 kilos PER WEEK...and NOT BE HUNGRY!

Take control of your life and lose unwanted kilos, achieve fast weight loss, long lasting results, a great body, and …a new lifestyle!

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These genuine graphs of our clients are typical of the successes people have with our HCG Diet Program. They show how weight loss is fast, but also how it is maintained at the end of the program. Are you interested in following their footsteps?

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The 6 Pro’s and Con’s of using HCG

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Weight Loss for Men and Women

In today’s world, life can be extremely stressful and busy. We are expected to work longer hours and it isn’t easy to retain a work life balance. If you are not in peak condition it will make it harder to get through each day. Being at your fighting weight will help you with energy levels and your overall health. Have been told by your doctor to lose weight for any reason? Or do you just want to improve your health and/or appearance? Then this is the weight loss program for you – not only is it fast and effective, the weight loss is permanent.

Celebrities & European Royalty

Ever wondered why you very rarely see these people overweight and ask yourself why? Well it is not because they are unique or any different to us in any way. And it is not because they have a patent on the slim gene! For decades both celebrities and European royalty have known about this weight loss method and used it, and are still using it successfully today as they were back in the 1970s. Now you can too.

NO Exercise

Yes, that’s right no busting your gut at a gym, no running or other cardiovascular exercise. In fact we discourage it until your weight loss goals are achieved. The only exercise that is encouraged is walking, pilates and yoga.

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HCG Diet Program Weight Loss Guarantee

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HCG Diet Program Weight Loss Guarantee
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HCG Diet Program Weight Loss

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