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Cindy Marr

hCG Diet Program Founder


Cindy Marr’s journey started in 2008 with the shocking discovery she’d gained 20kg (44lbs) after a corporate lifestyle, quitting smoking and the onset of menopause. The hunt was on for a natural answer that would work miracles, safely and easily.

It took years of painstaking global research, working with medical doctors, trials and even ‘experiments’ to be sure the solution not only worked, but was going to ‘stick’ for good. The result was Cindy’s unique program which safely and rapidly reverses weight gain without the need for expensive and invasive surgery, time consuming gym sessions, expensive and inconvenient meal plans, or ever feeling hungry.

Weight loss results on Cindy’s program will give you a rapid transformation unlike anything else … imagine being 12.5kg (27lbs) or even 17kg (37 lbs) slimmer in just 40 days … these are actual results of some of her clients (your results may vary).

Her program can be tailored for traveling corporate executives, time-poor business owners, busy mums and those with auto-immune diseases or other health issues. In fact the program helps combat weight-related health issues like type 2 diabetes, sluggish metabolism, poor heart health, belly fat (middle age spread), and auto-immune diseases, alleviating body pain and inflammation in the process.

And Cindy’s program in conjunction with a special 3-week maintenance plan resets your body’s set-point, which means the yo-yo dieting you’ve been battling with will soon be a thing of the past – and so will your excess weight.

Cindy’s no-nonsense medical-based approach has helped more than 650 men, women and teenagers achieve their health and weight loss goals, reversing many signs of disease and obesity to ensure long, healthy, and confident lives ahead.

If you’d like to know more, contact Cindy for a no obligation confidential consultation to see if Cindy’s unique program will work for you.


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