In my last article “Is Your Sleep Causing Poor Performance?” I explained how lack of the right kind of sleep can seriously affect your productivity at work and the quality (or even your length) of life.

Today, we hear from Barry, who suffered from a serious case of snoring but overcame it with a simple solution. Let get Barry to explain …

“For years I had been going to work, up to 4 days a week with a splitting headache. Now I knew it wasn’t ‘the norm’ but my doctors didn’t seem to take it too seriously when I asked them about it, often brushing my concerns off.

My father had passed away from a brain tumour and for several years afterwards I remained very concerned that I was suffering with these headaches. Could I be suffering from a brain tumour as well? So I requested an electroencephalogram (EEG) to confirm my suspicions. The results were negative and it relieved my anxiety … at least in the short term. But my headaches gradually got worse.

A few years later I married my second wife. My headaches continued but I kept pushing on, working around them as best I could to put ‘bread on the table’. But what I didn’t know was there was something lurking that was far more serious.

We didn’t know it at the time but my wife was very ill and over the next few years she got sicker and sicker and spent a great deal of time in hospital. Meanwhile I got a couple of promotions in the NSW Public Sector and increased responsibilities at work. The combination of work and home stress meant my headaches increased in intensity and length.

Eventually I was at my wits end, crippled by the headaches as well as tending to an ill wife (which was almost becoming a full time job in itself). I was frustrated by the lack of interest from my doctors and that no effective treatment options were available. I tentatively raised the issue one last time and finally (and really as a kind of afterthought) my doctor said ‘I suppose we could do a sleep apnoea study’.

EUREKA…. something positive at last.

The day for the study had arrived. I was admitted to a private hospital for an overnight stay. But when I returned to my doctor for the results I was astounded – several apnoeas an hour were recorded throughout the night of my study. In fact I was only getting 69% oxygen during my sleep!

I was thrilled – not because of the lack of oxygen – but because I now knew why I had been suffering with those debilitating headaches for so many years. The solution? I hired and was fitted with a CPAP machine – there were several to test over the comping weeks before choosing the final machine to purchase. Once in use, and the amount of oxygen pressure adjusted to my needs, I started to finally wake feeling much more refreshed without the constant headaches.

Fast forward 17 years and I was still using the CPAP machine successfully, gradually upping the oxygen pressure. But I’d gained some weight and was feeling rather uncomfortable and bloated. I didn’t look very well and my clothes no longer were comfortable to wear. Something had to change.

I saw one of Cindy’s flyers at my local chemist and got in contact with her about her program. She was easy to talk with and a fountain of knowledge but I was still apprehensive – could something so simple really work? I accepted the challenge and was curious to see how much weight I could lose.

I have to admit getting started was difficult – I missed KFC, fish and chips and raspberries and cream for dessert. But I persisted and I stuck to the program. But after about three weeks I noticed that my CPAP face mask was getting loose and leaking oxygen so I wasn’t getting the full benefit. Plus the air leaking from the ill-fitting mask was annoying and uncomfortable – not to mention the noise! It was like air escaping from an inflated balloon.

 And then it dawned on me – my face had gotten smaller due to the weight I’d lost on Cindy’s program! Wow. And then I also realised there was no sense in purchasing an expensive new mask as it would be loose again as I continued to lose weight.

So I bit the bullet … I discarded using my CPAP machine … just to see how I went. To my amazement I slept very well – no headaches either! I haven’t had to use my CPAP machine for over a month – my new found comfort is solely because of the weight I’ve lost on Cindy’s hCG Diet Programme.

So far I’m 11kg down and it’s incredible to think that amount of weight has made such a huge difference to my health – not only my breathing but also with reduced back pain. And I’m more relaxed now I get better sleep without the need for the machine.

I’m still on Cindy’s program and looking forward to losing more weight and to returning to my doctors with the good news.”

The easiest way to reduce headaches associated with a lack of oxygen may be to shed a few kilos, and the easiest wya to do that is through my hCG Diet Program.

So if you’re keen to increase your work performance and reduce your snoring so you feel energised each day, like Barry, then give me a call on 1300 93 13 48. What have you got to lose?