It’s Cost Neutral

If you are looking for a quick fix of 5 to 7 kilos then this program is cost neutral! The change in the food you are eating reduces your normal food bill dramatically! What do you spend a day for a cup of coffee in the morning, a sandwich for lunch and maybe a drink, and then dinner when you get home or even more expensive going out for dinner?

Would you spend $20 per day to drop up to 500 grams per day? Yes, half a kilo a day! You can do this program in as little as 23 days – that’s right just over 3 weeks and you will see a dramatic difference in your weight and your energy levels. You have a support person for the duration on a daily basis 7 days a week. Apart from fat, what have you got to lose?

Getting Off to a Good Start

If you want to lose more than 5 to 7 kilos the costs vary depending on how long you are on the program. See Program Overview.  You still have a support person on a daily basis, 7 days a week for the duration of your selected program. If you have a lot of weight to lose and you want to do additional sessions, you can do them on your own as we provide the tools when you start with us and you will know what is required. Many people do have support for additional programs as they love the accountability because it works for them.

Our Role

Our role is to support you through the program and ensure your success. People sometimes think they don’t need support and if that were the case everyone who ever dieted would have been successful and therefore slim! Everyone’s metabolism is different and it is essential that at no time on the HCG program you are hungry – the coach is the one who can measure this and ensure you are comfortable.

Support comes at various times and in various guises from needing help to plan your food for an upcoming BBQ, going on a date, a work junket, a holiday or simply forgot to take your lunch and left it sitting on the bench! Or, just working late and needing a sugar hit or craving that bar of chocolate!

How less unlikely are you to ‘fall off the wagon’ if you have to report in the next morning to someone whose objective is to work with you to achieve YOUR stated goals?


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