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Getting Your HCG Prescriptions

Your prescription is made up by a Compound Pharmacy and it is essential to have it made up by a medically qualified chemist to ensure the efficacy, strength and quality of the HCG and that it matches the injection strength. This eliminates the need for you to use the injection method for taking the HCG and  the pharmacy will provide you with the drops and a measuring syringe for you to put the drops under your tongue morning and night. The HCG strength required can only be achieved by a compound chemist with experience in making the HCG.

The Shelf Life of HCG

HCG has a shelf life of about 42 days, contains no preservatives and must be kept refrigerated. If you purchase your HCG over the internet or buy a homeopathic solution, it will contain preservatives and possibly may not have the same effect as pharmaceutical grade HCG. Without the fresh laboratory grade HCG and at the right strength you will be effectively starving yourself and losing the wrong type of fat. This is further compounded by the weight going back on and more when you stop the diet.

We can recommend a compound pharmacy in your area and they can deliver your drops to you or you can pick them up.


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