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Which of course you know, is lose weight! Why am I writing about this today? I have a client who started on the Hcg diet plan 21 days ago. This charming gentleman was quite portly weighing in at 114.0kgs. He also had type 2 diabetes and various other minor ailments mainly attributed his overweight state. He would test his blood every morning before taking his medication and was keen to see an end to the whole process.

Yesterday he weighed in at 105.2kgs meaning he has lost a staggering 9.7kgs in 21 days. The outstanding thing is his blood levels are now in the 4s (normal for non-diabetics), and he is off all his mediation! He also told me putting on shoes and socks was no longer an issue, his knees and he had made a reconnection and that they hadn’t changed at all in their absence and other parts of his anatomy had come into view. Parts that couldn’t be discussed with a lady! LOL

I thought it was worth mentioning that many minor and some not so minor ailments can be attributed to being overweight. I have seen in my Hcg clients on the Hcg protocol some changes like a reduction in high blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol and all report a massive increase in energy. It doesn’t take very much fat on your body to cause stress on things like your heart particularly if you carry the fat around your midriff. The fat around your midriff is known as visceral fat and it is the most dangerous for you to have as it is around your major life giving organs. When you see people that are morbidly obese can you imagine how much stress is on their heart being crushed in all that fat?

So if you are carrying visceral fat make the decision to get it off not just for you but also for those who care about you.

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