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Every client I have gets told that the reason they are losing weight is because they are only eating 500 calories and as a consequence of course they are going to lose weight! This is the catch cry of the dietitians  nutritionists and the so called friends and family who are saying whatever they can to discredit the hormone therapy part of the HCG weight loss program.

Absolutely if your body is only receiving 500 calories a day you would lose weight. You would be losing the good fat that provides you with your energy and you would also be losing all that good structural fat which support organs like your kidneys etc. The fat in your face will also disappear making you look emancipated and grey! You cannot survive on 500 calories a day – you are starving yourself.  What these people don’t understand and have a closed mind about,  they will debunk at every opportunity because the one thing people can’t handle is their own ignorance being pointed out to them.

If you are used to eating 2000 calories a day and start taking the HCG drops your body will continue to make up the difference between the 500 calories and the 2000 calories by releasing 1500 calories per day into your system. In effect you are living off yourself as gross as that may sound. The difference is the calories are coming from your fat stored or abnormal fat and not from your good fats like your energy and structural fats. Therefore you will lose weight on a daily basis.

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