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What is it with these clothes designers that think their clothes look better on pencil thin models? Since when are women in normal life that thin? Nothing looks more revolting to me than seeing those models on the cat walk with their hip bones sticking out and their stomachs con caved with their ribs protruding. It reminds me of the pictures we see of kids in remote places who are starving. And of course recently we have had publicity about these young women eating tissues to fill their stomachs whilst on crash diets. These young women will be doing themselves harm whilst not eating, their body will be missing crucial vitamins, minerals and the other building blocks that keep them healthy.

These designers are catering for which market and where? Who are they and realistically how many will buy this stuff? If you are size 14 you aren’t going to buy something that looks much better on a skinny person. It makes absolutely no sense to me to make something to cater for such a small number of people. If you wanted to make money you would surely plan to sell bulk of something so wouldn’t you make it so it covers a larger market rather than just a few? Isn’t their objective of designing, making and selling their clothes to make maximum amount of money and seeing women and men on the streets wearing their clothes? That is what should be appealing to their significance!

The reason I have raised this today is to make it clear you cannot lose the amount of weight these models do with hormone therapy. You cannot use the HCG diet to achieve this skeletal look. If you are not carrying abnormal fat then you will not lose fat. The fat these models are losing or have lost is their structural fat that support their organs and other vital parts of their bodies like the ball of the foot.

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