HCG Diet Program Overview

How Long Will The HCG Diet Program Take?

There are two programs 1) 47 days and 2) 64 days. If you are wanting to lose 5 – 7kg then 21 days for weight loss will be all you need. However, if you want to lose 10kg or more you are looking at 38 days weight loss and maybe more than one session.

Day 1 & 2

Take HCG and gorge. I know this sounds crazy – who starts a diet eating as much as they can fit in! Dr. Simeons emphasised that these days should be spent eating as much fattening food as possible to restore structural fat and avoid hunger at the start up.

Starting with Day 3

Take HCG and follow VLCD calorie diet plan for 21 or 38 days depending on your weight loss goals.

Sometime after 23 HCG days, but before 41 HCG days

Stop HCG, continue following the VLCD calorie diet for 3 days after last HCG dosage.


Maintenance lasts 3 weeks and it function is to lock in your new weight set point.  Your new weight set point is the weight you were on the day you took your last dose of HCG. Your coach is still with you daily during the Maintenance Period as it is essential that your new weight is locked in and permanent.

1st 3 weeks after stopping HCG

Most foods are allowed except starches and sugars, always controlled by morning weighing. Your manual, which is part of the supplied Starter Kit, covers this and all phases of the protocol thoroughly.

2nd 3 weeks after stopping HCG

Very gradually add starches and sugars in small quantities, always controlled by morning weighing.

After the program

Continue controlling by morning weighing and report back to your Coach once a week for 4 weeks so they can ensure you are going well and not putting on any weight.

Your coach

The coach is provided for you to help,  advise and answer your questions on a daily, 7 days a week. They will support you if you have to go to a function by advising what to eat, if you plateau (which generally happens once per session), they can help break it and get the weight loss happening again.


At the start of the program you take your measurements and enter them into the spreadsheet provided and send through to your coach. This you do weekly so your coach can monitor that your cm loss is consistent. You will also advise on a daily basis what your weight is. We call it ‘wee and weigh’ and this is send thru daily to your coach.


HCG is taken morning and night as drops and the drops are placed under your tongue.



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