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Diet Myth 4

Weighing yourself daily will discourage you from losing weight

Respected weight-loss experts have long cautioned us to stay away from the scale. According to the going theory: Like the groundhog scared away by its own shadow, the crushing disappointment a dieter might experience when he steps on the scale will make him give up the fight altogether.

But science suggests otherwise. A study of more than 4,000 women aged 40-65 published in Preventive Medicine found that weighing yourself more frequently is associated with greater weight loss.

Subjects in the study who visited the scale daily lost twice as much weight as those who only weighed themselves weekly. Those who didn’t weigh themselves at all gained weight. And people who changed their weighing behaviour during the study gained or lost weight depending on whether they decreased or increased their frequency of weighing themselves.

One thing to keep in mind before stepping on the scale, however, is that it pays to be consistent: Weigh yourself at around the same time every day, as your weight can fluctuate by a few pounds in a single day.

Also, pay attention to only one scale. If you’re being weighed by your doctor, stepping on the scale at the gym and weighing yourself at home, you might be surprised to find that all three scales vary. Which one is right? The one in your own bathroom.

“It’s the one you have access to more often,” D’Avila said.

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