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A number of ladies have approached me asking about the belly weight all women tend to put on during and after menopause. The body changes and goes from the traditional hour glass to become a tree trunk in shape! One of the first changes many menopausal women notice is a subtle shift of how fat is distributed on their bodies. Women don’t find it attractive and those who have always been slim struggle with this new shape. I have heard it referred to as the ‘menopause belly’. Women in a group will laugh about it but in reality expanding waistlines become less funny when your entire wardrobe no longer fits.

What causes this? Your body isn’t as metabolically active at 50 as it was at 40, so the easy way to rectify this is to use the HCG diet to get fast effective weight loss and body shape change. I have had three clients who ranged in age from 55 to 65 and all three experienced a fabulous weight loss and body shape change using the HCG protocol. Make sure you are working with support of a professional if you are on HRT as the hormone therapy, HCG can interfere with the HRT. I’m also not saying you don’t have exercise as you get older, I believe it is critical for bone strength and overall health in fact, the more exercise you can do the better.



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