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I was approached recently by a friend of one of my clients. She told me she had done the HCG protocol as she was going to a family wedding in Thailand and wanted to look great – don’t we all? She approached a naturopath who organised the HCG diet drops for her and she did the 23 days program and had an appalling experience with it.

She said she was starving for the entire time she was on the HCG and yes she lost weight but she had put it all back on plus some. She experienced headaches which is quite normal if you crash diet and her moods at work were so cranky that people were telling her to eat something as they were over her attitude.

There were two things that immediately came to my mind; one being what was the quality and efficacy of the HCG drops she was supplied and secondly she had no support.  It is essential you get your HCG drops via prescription from a licensed medical practitioner who understand how this hormone therapy works and you get them made up by a compound pharmacy.

And you need support to help you during any tough days. Everyone’s metabolism is different and I have found with some clients I have had to put them on a higher calorie number for the first few days of the protocol. Conversely I have had clients who contact me and tell me how great it is that they are not hungry and don’t have to eat!

This is a daily monitoring process where your coach has the experience and knowledge to make the journey a lot easier. Dr Simeon’s manuscript in many areas is very vague and if you are following that you will inevitably have some confusion.


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