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Another often asked question. The answer is it started out that way and like all great ideas it was refined as it progressed.

Our initial plans were to address the executive market as they were the people who would seek help from their doctor on their weight and then the doctor would refer them to us as we provide the confidentiality and guaranteed success which is all executives are interested in. These are the people who just want things done and if it isn’t part of their expertise or they don’t have time then they hire people to fill the gaps.

Our business has come through referrals from doctors and word of mouth. Then we started having the salaried professionals and various other people throughout the organisations where we had clients contacting us. These people would see the dramatic change in their ‘boss’ or executive and ask what was going on and be referred to us. And, they started referring external people to us like upcoming brides who in turn bought their mothers or future mother in laws with them and so we expanded to cater for the wider market.

We put in together a new range of programs to cater for the new demographic that is emerging as a growth market for us. So we now cater for 4 distinct groups of people with programs that support all of them. They are Executives, Bridal, Professionals and Teenagers. Yes, we work with overweight teenagers which is a life changing experience for them.

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