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Two prospective clients came to see me last week and yes they were certainly well overweight, well okay one was obese and the other was bordering on it. As I explained the entire HCG protocol and what they could expect weight loss wise on the HCG diet plan I was stunned when they declared they had lap band surgery many years ago. I then asked them when they had it removed to find no, they both still had the band in.

Seeing two in one day was a wake up call for me and I wondered how many people went down this route before seeking out other alternatives or were these two serial dieters who begged their doctors for surgery as a solution to their weight problem? I questioned them and I was again amazed at how remarkably similar their stories were. Yes, both had been serial dieters and had gone to their doctors but in both cases it was the doctors who recommended the surgery. And the sad part about this is they having been living with this band for a number of years, unable to eat properly and having trouble getting food down. Going to functions like weddings were a disaster for them and both of them are now fatter than they were before the band was put in.

I’m sure this band works in many cases but there are alternatives that work and one of them is hormone therapy. The HCG protocol has worked on hundreds of thousands of people so why are we not trying this before surgery. Yes, the HCG diet plan is rigid but daily weight loss more than compensates for any inconvenience and it is only for a short time. Back to our two girls, they are both happily taking their HCG diet drops and dropping up to half a kilo a day. Both of them has a goal of getting rid of the band forever at the end of their HCG program.

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