Glossary of Terms

A Quick Glossary of Common Terms Used Here

Compound Pharmacy

Pharmacy compounding is an established tradition which allows a physician to prescribe a very specific medication, prepared by a pharmacist, for a patient’s individual needs.

Compounded medications are ordered by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, veterinarian or other prescriber, and mixed by licensed compounding pharmacists in a safe and carefully controlled environment.  Pharmacists are the only health care professionals trained in chemical compatibilities, making them the only ones qualified to compose alternate dosages. Each state requires instruction on the art of pharmaceutical compounding be included as part of the core curriculum in their pharmaceutical programs. In addition, it’s important for compounding pharmacists to seek additional, continual training on their trade to stay current on the latest information and techniques.

Food Saboteurs

These are friends, family members or even colleagues who deliberately try to disrupt your efforts to lose weight. They might tempt you with chocolate, lure you into having just one more drink, tease you about your new-found fascination with losing weight  and be experts on HCG and warn you about using the HCG to achieve your weight loss.

Miracle Noodles

They are known for their health benefits from 2000 years in Japan, shirataki is made from only the almost calorie free natural fibre of a natural Asian vegetables. They come as 150g serves and the varieties we supply are noodles and fettuccine with only 5 calories per serve.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic progamming is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s.


The species Stevia rebaudiana, commonly known as sweetleaf, sweet leaf, sugarleaf, or simply stevia, is widely grown for its sweet leaves as a sweetener and sugar substitute. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose, and may even enhance glucose tolerance, it may be useful as a natural sweetener for diabetics and others on carbohydrate-controlled diets.


Very low calorie diet. The period of either 21 or 38 days where you are restricted the number of calories per day in food that keeps you feeling satisfied. This number is different for each individual and is determined by your coach with input from you.


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