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I was talking to a woman the other day who had with her husband successfully completed the HCG protocol using the injection method and didn’t realise that taking HCG drops were an option. Now being a complete wimp when I first heard of the HCG diet I was looking for an alternative to the injection method which I discovered in my dealings with Slades Compound Pharmacy.

I know that Dr Mehmet Oz says that injections are the only method in which you should take HCG but in my opinion I think he is just erring on the conservative and making it very clear that a lot of the HCG offered out there is rubbish. I also know of people who have ordered over the internet to find the HCG drops were seized by customs when they entered into Australia. The poor customs people obviously saw the package contained a hormone made the leap of ignorance and decided it was a human growth hormone! LOL.

Yes HCG drops work as well as injections BUT they must be made by a chemist who is experienced in making products such as these. Also, ensure your HCG drops or injections are prepared by a compound pharmacy. Never buy them over the internet or even from a homeopathic supplier. If you don’t know what it is in them the chances are they won’t work and you will be hungry and miserable on your weight loss journey as you will in effect be starving yourself and that is a crash diet not the HCG protocol.

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