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HCG in Australia is still in its infancy but it is gaining momentum. A lot of people know a little bit about it mainly from what they have read on the internet. It also depends on which state of Australia you live in to how commercially available it is.

For example, there are many clinics in Queensland offering the HCG diet plan and many doctors who are associated with these clinics will prescribe it. In contrast Vic and NSW only have only a few clinics offering the HCG diet plan and not very many doctors. Many doctors don’t understand it and of course the TGA advises them against prescribing it for weight loss, saying it doesn’t work and should only be used in fertility treatment. Fortunately we have doctors who are well aware of the influence of the pharmaceutical industry has over the TGA and choose to ignore them and prescribe HCG drops as they are well aware how well it works and of the benefits of weight loss with their patients.

Of course there is the homeopathic industry in all states of Australia who heavily promote the HCG diet and the HCG drops. But as you are aware I’m not a advocate for homeopathic HCG drops and I always advise that if anyone is going to embark on the HCG diet plan they do with HCG drops made by a compound chemist and not by a homeopath. Also, always work with someone who understands what is required to be successful with the HCG diet plan, trying to do it on your own will more often than not end in tears.

The HCG plan certainly works but it is a rigid plan and unless you understand all the intricacies of it you are likely to have issues that you don’t understand, don’t have the answers for and are then likely to give up and decide IT didn’t work!

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