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The one question I get every time I speak to someone about this amazing HCG diet – why haven’t I heard of it?  The reason you haven’t heard of it is money – yes money. One of the most powerful industries in the world is the pharmaceutical industry – at some time everyone is going to need drugs of some sort, even if you buy from the health food suppliers – most of them are now owned by the pharmaceutical giants. And pharmaceutical companies are listed companies with an obligation to make profits and look after their shareholders.

In fact it is against the law to run a company that is insolvent, that is, not making profits and at all times listed companies must have the interests of their shareholders in mind when making decisions or again they are breaking the law. They need to get the edge on their competition and to do that they need patents on new drugs and naturally occurring substances within your body cannot be patented! The diet and weight loss industries for decades have been worth millions to these companies and they couldn’t get a piece of the HCG diet program.

In the 70s this was a very popular diet and it was shut down by the pharmaceutical industries by lobbying government, the governing medical bodies, doctors claiming it was nothing more than a crash diet and introducing into the minds of people fear, uncertainty and doubt – FUD. It was always about the money!

What has changed? Us the people. We are not so easily frightened, we have the internet and we can study. Some doctors are now starting to look for ways to help their patients who are overweight, or have high blood pressure, or bad cholsterol, or type 2 diabetes and this has bought them to HCG and us to manage their clients.

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