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I now spend every Thursday at a medical clinic talking to their overweight patients. Whilst talking to prospective clients about the HCG diet plan I’m amazed at the lack of understanding and the misinformation that is out there about Dr Simeons HCG Protocol.

‘Isn’t it a crash diet’? And, ‘I’ve read the HCG drops diet doesn’t work you have to have daily injections’.

I normally do 20 minute consultations but I have had to extend these to 30 minutes as the first 20 minutes is being taken up educating people and dispelling the many myths surrounding this program. No, this is not a crash diet. If you currently are eating 1500 calories per day and yes on the program you are only allowed to eat 500 calories per day. Now because you are only allowed 500 calories by mouth but you are still getting your 1500 calories per day. The HCG is making your body release the additional 1000 calories from your abnormal stored fat. And, only from your abnormal stored fat from around your body.

You don’t look grey, drawn and haggard, which you do when you crash diet – not to mention your breath stinks! As gross as it sounds you are actually living off your own body fat. The big difference is of course the fat cells don’t just shrink and wait for you to start eating again but they actual dissolve and you pee them out and that is why the weight stays off. There are no cells to blow up and make you fat again.

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