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I was reading an interview with Lionel Shriver on the weekend about her new book Big Brother, which talks about how we treat overweight people, along with why we overeat but what got my attention was the following statistic. “The dieting industry is the only profitable business in the world with a 98 percent failure rate.” The weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar game with no shortage of players coming in every year. The question I have for this industry is what do they think when their ‘cure’ doesn’t work or don’t they care? Or, is it the client’s fault they didn’t lose weight or if they did keep it off? What happened to DTRT (do the right thing), which should be the mantra of every industry.

And of course it is profitable – you only have to be fat to know how desperate you are to live as what you perceive to be a normal human being. No one wants to be fat – just ask a fat person! Fat people will pay whatever is asked to achieve their perception of being normal. Being fat can mean lower self esteem and lower confidence so any new promise of a weight loss cure will get their attention immediately. Overweight people will yo-yo diet, they will have tried crash diets, fad diets and often stabling and lap band surgery all of which cost a lot of money.

I have two new clients that I have started on the HCG protocol, one has had stabling and weighs 170 kilos and the other one who is about to start taking her HCG drops had lap band surgery 8 years ago and has come to me to lose 35 kilos. So even surgery isn’t a guaranteed fix yet desperate people will go down that route thinking it will be a life changer. Oh yeah it could be, but not always in a positive sense.

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