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In the 1970’s, two prominent physicians authored The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. They discovered that walking outside at a slow steady pace for one hour per day reset the body’s weight set point, making people lean and thin. Of all the steps in the HCG diet, this may be the most difficult one to do on a daily basis.

During the HCG diet plan, this consistent walking will have the most profound long-term effects and should be done outside. Only use a treadmill as a last resort. Walk for one hour nonstop. Keep the pace steady and do no overexert yourself, slow rhythmic movement is the key. If you cannot maintain a conversation while walking you are walking too fast! You should not get your heart rate up to aerobic and ideally this should be done every day for the duration of the HCG weight loss protocol. If you can’t do this daily then any amount of walking will still have a dramatic effect on resetting your body’s set point and help to make you lean.

* Special thanks to Kevin Trudeau.

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