Even her Doctor had given up on her.

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So he sent her to me telling her if I couldn’t help her then he had no idea what to do next! And so Maria and her daughter came to see me. She walked into my consultation room – well let me rephrase that, she waddled in.

Maria was an Italian lady in her 50s and English was her second language so immediately any words except the basics were lost on her. Maria was a serial dieter, she had crashed dieted a number of times, she had done Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the list went on and on. Some of diets and programs she had attempted I had never heard of.

She produced a shopping bag of drugs that she was on, from fluid retention through to blood pressure and everything in between. I had never heard of most of the drugs let alone had any idea what they were supposed to cure. My immediate concern was would the drugs interfere with the HCG drops? I have a reasonable idea of what will and what is okay, but this was a chemist sitting in the chair beside me! She weighed in at 161.8 kilos and was 160 cm (5’3”) and as you can imagine was in pretty bad shape.

I went through the HCG diet program with her and explained what to expect. Well, I would say something in English and her daughter would translate into Italian so I actually have no idea what was being said to her! Well Maria has been such a superb client, she has followed all the instructions in the HCG diet plan to the letter.

Her daughter has taken responsibility for measuring and recording the progress and Maria lost 15 kilos in 22 days and tells me she can now stand at the sink to do the dishes and can now walk around the block. She is planning another session starting August.

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