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Crash diet as a weight loss cure – I don’t think so.

We all know that crash dieting does nothing other than take weight off you temporarily and not only do you put it back on but you could put more on than you took off! I think I know why people do this crash diet thing and it is usually to lose weight quickly for a particular event like a wedding or anniversary etc.

What if I told you that you could achieve the same amount of weight loss on a diet and at the same speed as a crash diet but the weight loss is permanent? Yes, permanent the weight will never go back on.

If you are overweight and think you can’t get rid of the weight, think again. What would it mean to you to get rid of 5 kilos, 10 kilos, 15 kilos or more forever? It is achievable for anyone and yes that includes you.

We do this by using hormone therapy to reset your hypothalamus, this is the little sucker in your brain that is the thermostat for your body. It controls things like your body temperature, your hunger and even your metabolism. If it gets out of whack, it will put your body out of alignment and then you put weight on. If you are overweight it is probably not your fault.

We put you on hormone treatment to reset the hypothalamus back to normal and to get the weight off, we have you start on the HCG hormone therapy. We put you on the HCG diet, it comes with a strict plan that you will need help with and we also provide all the help and support you require. If you do not lose the weight that you and your coach agreed was the goal then you get your money back. There is no financial risk involvement, the only thing you stand to lose it kilos! The HCG drops diet is the only proven effective way to cure your weight problem forever.

So go and fill in the contact form on the website and talk to a coach who will explain all of this in much more detail.

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