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The Importance of Maintenance

Janine came to see me during the week at the clinic and starting telling me how she knew HCG was the best way to lose weight as she had done it twice before. I must learn to control my face as my stunned expression sent her off into an explanation on how much she knew

A Big Thank You!

To all our wonderful clients who started with us on the HCG diet in June 2013. It has been a fabulous month with 12 new people starting on the HCG protocol, nine women and three men who collectively over the month have lost a staggering 92.8 kilos! This is the size of a 6′ 4”

HCG Hormone Therapy vs Lap Band Surgery for Weight Loss

Two prospective clients came to see me last week and yes they were certainly well overweight, well okay one was obese and the other was bordering on it. As I explained the entire HCG protocol and what they could expect weight loss wise on the HCG diet plan I was stunned when they declared they

Crash Diets as a weight loss cure? Really?

Crash diet as a weight loss cure – I don’t think so. We all know that crash dieting does nothing other than take weight off you temporarily and not only do you put it back on but you could put more on than you took off! I think I know why people do this crash

HCG Diet Plan

I was reading an interview with Lionel Shriver on the weekend about her new book Big Brother, which talks about how we treat overweight people, along with why we overeat but what got my attention was the following statistic. “The dieting industry is the only profitable business in the world with a 98 percent failure

Hcg Diet

HCG in Australia is still in its infancy but it is gaining momentum. A lot of people know a little bit about it mainly from what they have read on the internet. It also depends on which state of Australia you live in to how commercially available it is. For example, there are many clinics

HCG Diet Plan

I now spend every Thursday at a medical clinic talking to their overweight patients. Whilst talking to prospective clients about the HCG diet plan I’m amazed at the lack of understanding and the misinformation that is out there about Dr Simeons HCG Protocol. ‘Isn’t it a crash diet’? And, ‘I’ve read the HCG drops diet

Exercise – Walk!

In the 1970’s, two prominent physicians authored The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. They discovered that walking outside at a slow steady pace for one hour per day reset the body’s weight set point, making people lean and thin. Of all the steps in the HCG diet, this may be the most difficult one to do

Stay Hydrated

It is absolutely critical to drink plenty of water whilst on the Hcg protocol. Overweight people are dehydrated. When you get up in the morning and you ‘wee and weigh’ then drink a large glass of water – your digestive system will love you for it! It is essential to consume at least two litres

Skinny models???

What is it with these clothes designers that think their clothes look better on pencil thin models? Since when are women in normal life that thin? Nothing looks more revolting to me than seeing those models on the cat walk with their hip bones sticking out and their stomachs con caved with their ribs protruding.

Is this diet just for Executives?

Another often asked question. The answer is it started out that way and like all great ideas it was refined as it progressed. Our initial plans were to address the executive market as they were the people who would seek help from their doctor on their weight and then the doctor would refer them to

Menopausal weight loss

A number of ladies have approached me asking about the belly weight all women tend to put on during and after menopause. The body changes and goes from the traditional hour glass to become a tree trunk in shape! One of the first changes many menopausal women notice is a subtle shift of how fat

I’ve done the HCG protocol and it didn’t work.

I was approached recently by a friend of one of my clients. She told me she had done the HCG protocol as she was going to a family wedding in Thailand and wanted to look great – don’t we all? She approached a naturopath who organised the HCG diet drops for her and she did

Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Which of course you know, is lose weight! Why am I writing about this today? I have a client who started on the Hcg diet plan 21 days ago. This charming gentleman was quite portly weighing in at 114.0kgs. He also had type 2 diabetes and various other minor ailments mainly attributed his overweight state.

HCG Drops or Injections?

I was talking to a woman the other day who had with her husband successfully completed the HCG protocol using the injection method and didn’t realise that taking HCG drops were an option. Now being a complete wimp when I first heard of the HCG diet I was looking for an alternative to the injection

The 500 Calorie Myth

Every client I have gets told that the reason they are losing weight is because they are only eating 500 calories and as a consequence of course they are going to lose weight! This is the catch cry of the dietitians  nutritionists and the so called friends and family who are saying whatever they can to

HCG diet – why haven’t I heard of it?

The one question I get every time I speak to someone about this amazing HCG diet – why haven’t I heard of it?  The reason you haven’t heard of it is money – yes money. One of the most powerful industries in the world is the pharmaceutical industry – at some time everyone is going


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