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Diet Myth 8

Diet Myth 8 Diets work Whether you consume nothing but fruit juice or only eat foods readily available to our caveman ancestors, your diet isn’t going to work. Not in the long run, anyway. “Going on a diet is one of (our) favourite pastimes. Diets typically entail temporarily altering eating patterns, losing a bit of

Diet Myth 7

Diet Myth 7 Weight gain is inevitable with age. Metabolism slows with age, but that is no excuse for sporting a large gut. A 2011 study out of Harvard suggests that a range of lifestyle choices, from the kinds of foods you eat to the amount of exercise you do influence your weight as you

Diet Myth 6

Diet Myth 6 Snacking effects weight gain. A 2011 study of 257 women found that frequent snacking helps keep pounds away, while a study the following year suggests that removing all snack foods from your home can help you stay skinny. So, which is it? The answer is both. And neither. While it is possible

Diet Myth 5

Diet Myth 5 Drinking eight glasses of water a day will curb your appetite. Even children know that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It’s good for your health and it can help fill you up so that you don’t gorge on a whole packet of Tim Tams. Right? An

Diet Myth 4

Diet Myth 4 Weighing yourself daily will discourage you from losing weight Respected weight-loss experts have long cautioned us to stay away from the scale. According to the going theory: Like the groundhog scared away by its own shadow, the crushing disappointment a dieter might experience when he steps on the scale will make him

Diet Myth 3

Diet Myth 3 Rapid weight loss is unsustainable. Any measure that results in quick, drastic weight loss is almost always referred to as a “yoyo diet.” The general consensus among weight-loss experts is that if your weight plunges suddenly, it’s going to come back up with a vengeance. We all know this to be true.

Diet Myth 2

Diet Myth 2 Eating after 6pm makes you gain weight This myth was derived from the idea that your metabolism slows to a halt while you sleep. So the later you eat, the less time your body has to burn those calories. “This makes sense, until you realise that our bodies don’t work like light

The Myths of Losing Weight – Diet Myth 1

“THINK there’s a great secret to losing weight? Fat chance.” I found this on my tablet as it loaded up Optus news website and I just had to share. I will post more with each blog as the full article is quite long. Recent research and books have delved into our collective “wisdom” about weight

Crash Diets as a weight loss cure? Really?

Crash diet as a weight loss cure – I don’t think so. We all know that crash dieting does nothing other than take weight off you temporarily and not only do you put it back on but you could put more on than you took off! I think I know why people do this crash


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