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Her parents brought Toni into to see me as their doctor said if I couldn’t help then she would recommend stapling her stomach. The doctor told them about other patients she had sent to me and that I used HCG and it was the best way to lose weight. I explained that it was a quick weight loss diet but it would take me a year to get the weight off Toni.

Toni was big, she weighed in at 172.9 kilos, about 170cm (5′ 7”) tall and 20 years of age. She had that awful extended stomach that made measuring her impossible as I couldn’t get an accurate hip or butt measurement for the belly hanging over them. Hell, my tape measure wouldn’t go around her she was that fat! She told me she had always been the fat kid and had been teased all through her school years.

I agreed to take her on because I didn’t have the heart to not help if I could but since she was the biggest client I have had to date I had no idea of what would happen or which HCG diet program to put her on. My other concern was her self esteem was almost non existent and I knew I would have to spend a lot of time with her to get her thinking more positively about herself. I started her on the longer diet program and was absolutely stunned at how much weight started coming off her. The most weight I will allow someone to lose in a fat loss program is 15 kilos a time and Toni dropped 13 kilos in 21 days! I had to call a holt to the HCG program and get her into maintenance to lock in the new weight. I didn’t want to leave her on it for the 40 days duration and find at day 27 she had lost 15 kilos and as then I would have to make her eat and not lose any more weight. I didn’t think she mentally could cope with that.

She has gone thru maintenance and is still sitting on her new set weight point of 159.8 kilos. She starts again for another round on the 1st of August and her attitude has improved also as she now thinks she could be what she believes is a normal person! Watch this space as I will come back and let you know how she went on her second round.

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