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To all our wonderful clients who started with us on the HCG diet in June 2013. It has been a fabulous month with 12 new people starting on the HCG protocol, nine women and three men who collectively over the month have lost a staggering 92.8 kilos! This is the size of a 6′ 4” (193cm – 196cm), man and some of the clients started half way thru the month so what could the result be if all had started at the beginning of June.

How do you thank someone who has put their blind faith in you to help and support them thru their weight loss journey as for these people it is a journey of sometimes ups and sometimes downs. These people have come to us with stories about always having a weight problem and their constant failures to achieve their weight loss goals and then you and they set the goal for a session and they achieve it! Nothing but nothing can be better than that magnificent feeling of achievement a client has when they see that weight on the scale. Also, the stories of getting back into jeans or clothes they have had in their wardrobe for years hoping to one day being able to get back into them and now they can. We have them sending in unsolicited before and after photos of themselves in their underwear because they are so proud of their achievements and want to share with us.

The word of our success is spreading with 3 new doctors prescribing HCG drops and referring their patients to us, one even referred his own daughter! They know we will get the weight off their people and as a result dramatically improve their health.

There is no way we can express our appreciation of you all, other than to say thank you for letting us into your world and we hope we leave it a better place.

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